My Heart Sings

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On Saturday I read a page in the yearly devotional I am using, Romancing the Ordinary, by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Using words, quotes from others and personal testimony Sarah weaves together a page about discovering things that make our heart sing. Cee Neuner posed the question in her Share your World weekly, what makes your heart sing? I didn’t make it to Cee’s party yesterday because I was off celebrating my dad’s 70th birthday however I wanted to share some of my thoughts on this topic today.

Sarah Ban Breathnach says that we can fall in love with anything that feels like part of your destiny. She goes on to tell an amazing testimony about falling in love with rare sheep. Now I don’t think that sheep would do it for me but I am not Sarah. It’s not about the sheep though. It’s about discovering the things that cause my heart to sing. It is in those things that authenticity is found.

Some things make my heart sing forever.

~my wonderful husband, my children, my Savior

Some things for a season.

~a beautiful flower,a friendship, a thrilling adventure

Some things for a moment.

~a songbird, a decadent dessert, the sound of laughter

What causes our hearts to sing is uniquely our own. We can at times miss it though. We can get so caught up in the busyness of life that we neglect to experience the things that may cause our heart to sing. Perhaps it is a new experience and we think to ourselves, I don’t have time for that or it is a stretch in a new way taking you beyond your comfort zone.(need some encouragement on this topic check out Inside Out Café for more inspiration) As the author of the devotional tells us, “What’s important is to realize how much we shortchange our chances for real happiness when we insist on how “it” has to be.”

I don’t know about you but I am wanting to experience real happiness in every aspect of my life. Recently I have done this by discovering new restaurants(Friday night we ate Dim Sum), fellowshipping with people that are outside of my usual circle of “friends”, baking a chocolate cake that I then drizzled real chocolate syrup and whip cream over, riding the Easy Street van which has given me back 2 hours a day(yippee), spending time with our beautiful granddaughter, buying a new DSLR camera. 

What has caused your heart to sing recently?


Weekly Photo Challenge-Hope

This beautiful Guatemalan child has put her Hope in something greater. I have been thinking quite a bit lately about HOPE because of the work that I do as a cancer nurse. People need HOPE. Deferred hope makes the heart sick. We need to have HOPE is things unseen. Faith to believe in things eternal. We need to offer HOPE to others when their cry is heard. For me, My HOPE is in You Lord.

Guatemalan Child