Weekly Photo Challenge-Unique

The weekly photo challenge this week encourages us to put up a photo of something UNIQUE to us.

Last July we spent some time in Boston. This musician was entertaining the crowds at the Boston Commons. I think that his creation of music is unique.

Unique Music Man on Boston Commons July 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge Unusual



Had to go back a few years to grab this one. This building appears to be growing out of the fog. I thought it unusual.


Peaceful-Weekly Photo Challenge


Last June I traveled to Haiti as part of a surgical team. We adventured up to the Citadel on Sunday morning. Quite the hike on a very hot and humid day at an altitude none of us were acclimated toward. 100_1113

A difficult climb became worth the effort at the top. I remember sitting atop the fortress thinking I don’t think I have ever been anyplace this peaceful. IMG_2160

There is no industry or air travel creating noise pollution. So while the lack of these things is part of what creates the poorest country in the western hemisphere adds to the beauty.P1010074

If you have ever read Tracy Kidder’s book Mountains beyond Mountains written the photo below helps to appreciate how the country gained this description.100_1089




Weekly Photo Challenge-Comfort


This weeks photo challenge caused me to pause to ponder what my picture of comfort looked like. This seating area is part of a room that I call my sanctuary. The room was created shortly after my husband of six years and I married. At the time we both owned homes. It was most practical for me to sell mine and move into his. I quickly discovered that I needed a place to call my own. At the time this room housed boxes and items awaiting a dump run so I took the time to clean it out. During a trip to a local store for other purposes I discovered the seating, it would be perfect! I brought it home. The room was decorated with the few pieces that I kept from my home and items that I truly loved. I have spent many quiet hours in the space; reading, praying and listening to beautiful music. For me this space is a picture of comfort.

Thanks for an authentic challenge.