Daybook Entry April 21, 2012

April 21, 2012 The Simple Woman’s Daybook



Outside my window…the sun is shining and the leaves are popping out more fully. I can hear the traffic on the street below through the open window, and the songs of the spring birds. I can feel the warm spring breeze on my face as I peer through the window.

I am thinking…what a perfect day this is.

I am thankful…for so many things. To mention just a few; my best friend and husband Steven, forever and encourager and cheerleader in my court. A wonderfully warm spring day to enjoy. The rain that is coming which is desperately needed in my little piece of the world.

In the kitchen…not too much is happening at the moment.

I am wearing…well…sweaty work-out clothes and sneaks. I took a bike ride with my guy before he went off to work.

I am creating…the life I am meant to live.

I am going…to a worship service this evening at a church we always enjoy visiting. Excited to hear the speaker.

I am wondering…if I should head to the grocery store today.

I am reading…Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and listening to the Big Burn on audio.

I am hoping…to get the closet cleaned and organized tomorrow.

I am looking forward to…a day of rest.

I am learning…to walk out one of my favorite scriptures~ All hard work leads to profit but mere talk only to poverty.

Around the house…things are pretty tidy and the animals are content.

I am pondering…how I can infuse God deeper into my daily life.

A favorite quote for today…

Turtle Quote

One of my favorite things…a great pair of shoes.

A few plans for the rest of the week: special meeting tonight, hope to try Hot Yoga on Monday, maybe trial a few new recipes.



Haley, Steven and Paige

I don’t think I have shared this picture yet. We took a hike about a month ago on a clear early spring day. A fellow hiker offered to snap our photo.

~Have a wonderful day.


16 thoughts on “Daybook Entry April 21, 2012

  1. Reads like a gorgeous day happening in your piece of the world. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy it. It has been cloudy and chilly here today. I read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and found it very insightful. It blew my mind…
    Great post and beautiful photo of you and yours. 🙂


    • I really enjoy the Daybook style of sharing, it allows us to really share intimate details of our life that we may otherwise not even think about. If you enjoy that book you might want to tackle The Emperor of all Maladies. It is a wonderful book about the history of cancer and its treatment. Well written and understandable. I will probably post a review of the other book when I finally finish it as there are quite a few things that really strike me in the reading and I want to share. Hope you will stop in and comment.


  2. What a beautiful daybook, Paige. And I love the photo; it speaks volumes of happiness. Every evening before I go to bed I write down five blessings from the day in my journal. It really helps me relax and fall asleep. I love what you have shared: all those action verbs…followed by hopes and dreams. Thanks for making my evening. xxx


  3. You ARE having a good day! Sounds wonderful! The older I get, the more at ease I am in my own shell, and the more I realize I don’t have to explain/apologize for who and what I am, the braver I become. I like me. (whoops, sorry, didn’t mean to take over your post!) What breed of dog is that? He looks very similar to the Staffordshire Terrier/Pit Bull that our family had when I was a child.


    • Don’t be silly…I love the comment part of blogging, in my opinion that is the best part! Engaging with the other people is part of the learning process. There are so many people that I have been interacting with through blogging I feel that I could travel the country and meet my friends all along the route! I believe that it is our relationship with Jesus that makes us comfortable in our own skin. When we focus on Him we can stop feeling the need to please others all the time.
      Haley our dog of a couple of years is a 2+ year old mixed breed. The vet thinks she is probably a terrier of some sort, most likely pit bull and perhaps boxer due to her coloring. She is really good natured and loves people and my kitty.


  4. did you know that being thankful is actually good for you? there were some studies done, have a google. who knew?
    i really like that outdoor photo, too. all three of you smiling in the same direction. what a great moment. thanks for sharing 🙂


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